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Why some men don’t like passionate kissing

Why some men don’t like passionate kissing Posted on June 11, 2020

Stopped loving or it really does not bring him pleasure?

“We with my boyfriend together 3 years, at us everything is it seems normal. But disturbs me that he does not like to kiss, and I it loves very much. At the beginning of a relationship we kissed much and when began to live together, he told that it is not pleasant to him … Whether it is possible? Or between us the inclination and passion just die away? Perhaps he stopped loving me or it really does not bring him pleasure?”

To us several letters with related queries came to edition therefore we decided to find out why some men do not like to be kissed with the beloved on the lips. In what the reason of their refusals of sensual kisses with language?

The reasons for which men do not like to be kissed on the lips, a huge number.

In his family it was not accepted, he is diffident, convinced that men can’t be soft. Men do not see sense and benefit in emotional proximity. They and so receive everything why to try. Probably, in their childhood depreciated, criticized, forbade. In this case the person grows up clamped and not capable to improvisation and ease.

In your situation the man at the beginning of a relationship after all kissed, but then the fairy tale ended. What reasons can be?

  1. At the beginning of a relationship we try to show the best sides and to please the partner that we were chosen precisely. Probably, the man kissed with a great effort, did it for you, but itself did not derive pleasure. And when it became clear that you will not get to anywhere, he disconnected options which were not pleasant to him.
  2. The belief worked that now you have serious relationship, so, it is necessary to behave as adults. Not to embrace, not to kiss, and to resolve difficult questions – to give birth to children, to take a mortgage, to work, be tired.
  3. After three years of a relationship you changed – ceased to look after yourself, recovered, the smell from a mouth, probably appeared, you smoke, and it is not pleasant to the man.

You need to begin with yourself and to observe the behavior. If all super and changed nothing in appearance and behavior then questions to the man – why he does not want to be in contact and does not show proximity. The reason can be any of above listed, or he really grew cold. Yes, it happens.

If the man has problems, a stress, he is intense, and it is displayed on proximity, then he needs most to resolve these issues. You for him not the psychologist, think more of yourself.

It is possible to return passion to a relationship. There are several things that can help:

  • In a conversation mentally stroke it on the head, shoulders. You speak about yourself: “Wash you good, you are such a cool guy, I am happy that I have you”.
  • Address by name, you look to the area of a tip of a nose and at lips. It weakens. And here the look in eyes or between eyebrows is a signal to attack.
  • Repeat all actions three times. Looked in eyes – looked away – and so three times. Approached-touched a shoulder – three times.
  • Replace everything your pussycat’s darlings with strong nicknames: name middle name or my getter.
  • You speak with him about him. Ask how he learned to ride a bike or to float. All like to speak about themselves and the feats, especially men.