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Ideal woman in mans perspective

Ideal woman in mans perspective Posted on May 18, 2017

feminine girlExpression “the real woman” carries in herself deep and for many mystical sense. One consider that such flatter epithet only the lady who managed to achieve unknown heights in private and public life is worthy – and, certainly, in the material sphere. For others this concept is limited to a framework of unique female charm and appeal. So of what after all there is so unique concept and how it is considered by representatives of two floors?

Real woman: what it? First of all, you should not give in to the power of a delusion what to be the real woman is a happy opportunity, prepared the Destiny the few electee. How it is banal sounded, but all women are born identical and with equal opportunities and potential. And what will become the woman over time – “a usual gray mouse” or the lady bright, charming and successful in every respect – depends only at most her desires and aspiration to be favorite and happy in every respect. It is for many “ordinary” women a stumbling block as lack of desire to self-improvement and vital achievements does not promote the personal growth and magic transformations of appearance in any way. Ideas of “the real woman” or a female ideal at representatives of both floors are identical and consist of the following nuances:


Certainly, this quality is in this case on the first place. Sounding of this word reminds the woman of her belonging to a fair “weak” sex. Femininity is the main tool of ladies in art of attraction of male attention. Also it is at all not necessarily about compliance of a figure and appearance to the dominating fashionable standards. Femininity is the full antipodes of courage forcing to remember men the best and strong qualities and to direct to their maximum manifestation. The concept of femininity is a unique combination of tenderness, fragility and vulnerability, causing the aspiration to protect and become a reliable support in the man. Presence of femininity are ninety percent of success on the way to the purpose to become happy in the personal relations.

Ability to create comfort and a cosiness in the house and of course sexy desire, as girls want to receive a man. Whatever terms offered it life, the real woman will be able always to turn these conditions in at least suitable for comfortable existence. Any man wants that the order and the warm atmosphere reigned in his house, and on a table expected the hot dinner made by caring hands of the beloved. Ability and desire of the woman to support a home consist among priority requirements of men to their darlings. Ability to love. This quality without which the concept “real woman” has no right for existence. Ability to give light and heat, to show sincere care of neighbors, to share with them grieves and adversities – special property, love which is sometimes inaccessible to the most refined beauties. The original strength of any woman turning it in only and necessary for darling disappears in ability to love, to understand and forgive.

External appeal

God did not award the woman with lines Marlyn Monro or other idol of female beauty, nothing prevents it to look attractive and well-groomed. The rule of the real woman – to look faultless in any situation, not very well what strip – black or white – now prevails in her life. And being limited in funds for visit of expensive salons and gyms, such woman will always find 15 minutes for daily sports activities and will not dare to go outside – and – especially – towards to the beloved – carelessly dressed or with dirty hair.


“Highlight” – so call the special charm inherent in any woman. Cases when the woman who is not allocated with special external data literally attracts to herself surrounding people and men are frequent, forcing them to guess only what secret is hidden in this unusual lady. To someone “highlight” is given by the nature, allocating the person nearly since the birth with surprising internal charm, and someone is quite capable “to think up” and “to force to work” it independently, having set by desire to attract to itself men and to cause their sincere arrangement. Certainly, exclusively real woman is capable of it!

Commitment and wide range of interests. Wide range of interests

To achieve success in something, the real woman has to be, first of all, the educated person and the developing personality. The widespread stereotype of times of a domestic tyranny that the role of the woman consists only in storage of a home does not work for advantage of the woman striving for success and the fullest self-realization. Undoubtedly, ability to create and support the warm and cozy atmosphere in the house is one of indispensable qualities of the real woman, but to be interesting to darling and people around, you should not limit yourself to infinite pastime within four walls, consisting only in cleaning, cooking and viewing of the female series which are not promoting personal growth.


Any objectives will not be achieved if not to trust in own forces or not to love this life. The real woman is a perennial spring of optimism and vital energy, generously sharing them with people close to it. And as the true lady has to be happy in everything, for this purpose she has to make happy the immediate environment in the beginning!


The attitude of people around towards the person depends, first of all, on his attitude towards itself. The real woman knows the own worth, is self-assured and is able to inform of it people around. It has no general with arrogance or arrogance, just it will not suffer the disrespectful relation and any insults from anybody, even from darling.


If to put together all qualities which the real woman has to possess and not add to them the concept “wisdom”, all other components will just lose any vital meaning. Wisdom of the woman – it is not obligatory existence of rich life experience. It is ability to make the correct decisions, sometimes to the detriment of own beliefs, ability to smooth acute angles in the relations, ability to forgive and give to the loved one chance of correction of the mistakes made by it. Only thanks to wisdom of women many couples keep the relations in times, hard and even critical for them. Ability of the woman to empathy and forgiveness allocates it with magic power over circumstances and more strong than any bonds ties to it darling. As you can see, among all qualities making idea of the real woman there is no which could not be developed independently. Of course, in it, as well as in any other work on himself, it is required to observe sense of proportion, without bringing itself in aspiration to an ideal to the states close to a nervous breakdown or physical exhaustion. You see, the real woman has to look by all means healthy and attractive!