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Forbidden ways to get men interested in you

Forbidden ways to get men interested in you Posted on November 18, 2019

The woman’s time in a pursuit of happiness go beyond all limits of reasonable. Some of their actions frighten off men rather, than attract …

Go for it regardless of obstacles

For example, to suit the first and to get acquainted, invite somewhere. A question of an initiative – not such idle time as it seems at first sight. On the one hand, if to show it too frankly, the man can be frightened, with another – if not to show it absolutely, not the fact that in private life there will be high-quality changes. Quite often in life there are situations when you like the young man, but you do not know how to him to be risen. If you just approach it and will be presented moreover tell him that you want to get acquainted with it, most likely, your attempt will not be crowned with success. You it is banal you will not interest in the person, on the nature the man – the hunter, the conqueror. The nature created him that way, he tried to obtain the beloved. If you suit the first, at his hunting instincts fly, and he does not know what to do next. I do not urge you to sit and wait when happiness smiles to you – it in general cannot happen. Just in some situations you should not act regardless of obstacles: the female cunning is necessary; it is necessary to learn to model circumstances with benefit for itself.

Don’t be yourself

To play someone’s role, to represent from yourself what you actually are not or to try to correspond to an ideal. In general, it is complex to pretend to be someone another, especially long time – not at all leaves. Usually inspiration that the person actually absolutely another, comes through some time after the wedding, after official registration of marriage it is necessary to represent from itself nobody any more. It is clear, that to an ideal and desire to marry any acts of you can justify aspiration. But think first of all that to you with this person to live and all life you will not be able to pretend to be. Whether it is better to be oneself, with the shortcomings and advantages, tastes, hobbies, etc. That loved really you with all your cockroaches, but not some image which you plan to present instead of yourself.

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In spite of the fact that the mankind moves further and further on the way of progress, and Elon Musk’s ships just about will find something reasonable in space, women continue to act in the ways checked by thousand-year history – to fly that married, to drag in a bed that did not throw, and all in such spirit. Not only that manipulation in principle is disgusting and testifies, first of all, to your underestimated self-assessment, diffidence and complexes, does not bear the expected fruits. That if your unplanned pregnancy does not become the offer reason to you of a hand and heart or a divorce from the married lover. Did not you think of it? How will you treat the child who is not a fruit of love, but a banal way to lasso the man? The child will be perceived by you as unsuccessful attempt to marry his father – to nobody the unnecessary kid, neither mother, nor the grandmother with the grandfather. Make such serious decisions how to bring the child, consciously, but not under pressure of desire to put on a wedding dress. If the man does not make to you a proposal of marriage, maybe, it is worth talking to him frankly to understand what plans for life he has. Suddenly they are not connected with you, and you just waste time, staying in illusions. So why to do unfortunate itself, the most important, your kid.