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Stages on how feminine girls fall in love

Stages on how feminine girls fall in love Posted on February 15, 2018

I will tell honestly, I do not know how guys fall in love, and I do not know how all these processes take place in them. But the love of girls, in my opinion, is similar to some fairy tale or to the American movie. And in general, I consider that this process – when you in someone fall in love, is pleasant.

Stages at which the sympathy passes into love or as it happens at girls:

1. Sympathy. Usually all begins with her. The girl at first pays attention to appearance of the guy: a hairstyle, as he is dressed, etc. Also, at this stage the behavior of the guy is very important: often there are cases when the guy was pleasant to the girl externally, but behavior this sympathy was minimized. It is also worth knowing that if for sympathy there are any general criteria by means of which it is possible to be pleasant to all, then with behavior all in a different way. Each girl is guided by the esthetic and behavioral norms.

2. Frequent meetings. The sympathy and will remain sympathy if meetings are rare. The girl is more often sees the guy, the quicker she falls in love with him. Only thanks to meetings she can watch the guy, admire him and estimate his traits of character.

When I was at the first year, I very much liked one guy. I each change went to those places where he could be, and know, the more I saw him, the more I wanted to see it again.

When there pass these two stages, the girl already has some idea of the guy. Usually it only partially, but more is also not necessary. In the head we make of the ordinary guy the guy ideal. That is we allocate him with lines which are necessary to us in the guy to fall in love with him.

3. Attention from the guy. When the girl sees that the guy also has the minimum sympathy to her, fire in her heart inflames still more. Correspondence by SMS and on social networks – the best way to show it.

Remembering that 1 course, I can tell that I looked forward to messages from the guy and when he wrote 10 min., it in general was the hysterics for me. Now, since that moment 3 years have passed, it is pleasant to me to remember all this, and I am sure – messages were a powerful contribution to our relations.

4. Competition. This piece influences positively not only economy, but also the relations. When I saw that to the guy also other girls made advances, it to me gave a reason to self-improve and for some time to cool down in feelings. However then, for very short time, they (feelings) came back and were even stronger, than before. Also, I want to specify that let with you other girls, but not you make advances to them. Because such behavior can offend the girl, and she can refuse the feelings.

How do girls fall in love?

Somewhere approximately after these stages, I understood that the guy became for me very close. It was difficult for me not to see him, not to correspond with him, and I very much wanted that us something more, than just connected SMS or other instant messaging apps.

5. Dates. They become the final stage in this process. If the girl goes with the guy on a date, and it takes place successfully, then she understands that all those lines with which she allocated the guy were repaid, and he is really cool. But even if the appointment will take place not really, chances at the guy are all the same high.

Here if appointments are not, it is bad because feelings of the girl will fall down and when to her bothers to wait, she will find for herself new hobby.

If the girl with the guy is familiar for a long time, then to fall in love with him, she needs to begin to spend with him much time (some general tasks or projects). The girl of will catch on a thought that this guy at all not such as she thought, and he is pleasant to her. Soon, after completion of the general work, she will look for the reasons to meet it. In more detail how to get to fall in love the girl.

How to use all these stages to benefit yourself?

That the girl fell in love with you, it is necessary to give at a well-chosen moment to her that she wants. That is if you passed 2 stages, then write to her, give a compliment. Try to feel what the girl wants from you right now. But also do it all moderately – better to give a little than much. I had many cases when I strongly liked the guy, I to him too. But he began to show too much attention and it minimized all my feelings. Most of girls the same conquerors, as well as boys – you remember it.