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7 secrets every real woman should know

7 secrets every real woman should know Posted on May 18, 2017

1. The man and the woman are created as contrast, and fight for equality, for similarity is an absurdity. Tasks which they are designed to solve in this world, absolutely different.

  • The man’s mission – to protect, preserve, “to get livelihood” (to earn), that is to Give to the Woman material benefits.
  • The woman’s mission – to give happiness, love, “to warm”, inspire, that is to Give to the Man the spiritual benefits.

At the same time she can be the highly qualified specialist, be engaged in business, make good money. And can not work, having devoted itself to the husband, children or to have a good time, with pleasure spending the money earned with the loving man. The main thing at the same time – to realize itself as the woman, to carry out the mission.

Council: look what it is an ideal wife, lectures are in free access on the Internet. You will see how in modern time many girls forgot the mission, them, perhaps did not teach it in the childhood.

2. The man is called to provide a material component of a family, and the woman – her power protection. It is difficult to overestimate this female role. Without energy nothing will take place in this world: desires will remain fruitless imaginations, dreams will not become a reality, thoughts and feelings are not implemented in acts. Let’s remember, by the way, what to LOVE is to work!

To give something to others, it is necessary to have it. If soul is filled with love, then with such woman comfortably and comfortably. But if her vital energy is not enough, then joy, heat, happiness leave the house.

Despondency, indisposition, irritability, fatigue, diseases – all this result of a lack of energy. Therefore to be able to carry out the mission, the woman constantly fills up emotional and spiritual energy. It can be creativity, realization of in some “drive”, travel and so forth.

3. Many think that the main thing – to care for the man, to feed him, to sponsor. No, it is not a priority. First of all, Vera in him, Respect, Support is necessary for the man.

The main need of the man – to be necessary! Therefore, women, appreciate the man, thank him, ask council, ask (not to demand!) the help, provide confidence of the man in correctness of his actions. For the sake of so wisely behaving woman the man will pull up trees.

And it is the truth! It is checked by me experimentally! Even at work if you praise the colleague subordinated for some result, then, I assure, he more willingly to you will help and implement further plans.

4. The woman is an energy of emotions, intuitions. Its task – to create love space, “to load” with happiness. It seems not about what to make and how to make. The answer is unambiguous: with love. And to love – does not mean to become mother for the elect, and to respect him, to understand, trust, to empathize.

5. Women need to learn to avoid extremes, to become the general in a skirt, to order, demand, to make a claim or to endow itself for the sake of the husband, children, relatives. The real woman will manage to find golden mean.

The woman is obliged to love herself, to care for herself, to respect herself. But advantage cannot be confused to arrogance. To the woman, alien arrogance, it is much easier to become happy and to present with happiness of people around.

6. The man, according to the nature, the beginning active and to act – its main vital task. And the woman has to give it such chance. The phrase “I got used to make everything” kills the woman in the woman. What she works more with, runs, fusses, especially passive is a man. And why to strain? At a “strong” floor everything perfectly turns out.

Strength of the woman – in her weakness. Men are called to love and be sorry, care and to protect. Only weakness of the woman allows the man to feel like the real man. The man is not necessary to strong, too self-assured woman. It either leaves, or stops being the man.

7. The woman never has to humiliate the man, compare to others. First, it is very unpleasant and psychologically inconveniently. Secondly, you take away from it energy, “steal” its force. Trust darling, go on compromises, farewell mistakes, fix attention on advantages, but not on shortcomings. Accept all heart and trust in it.

And you will understand soon: present the man becomes near the real woman!:) Here such mysteries of development of feminity for today. To be continued …