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Why modern men don’t want to get married

Why modern men don’t want to get married Posted on February 2, 2022

Ladies are feeling lost. Someone is indignant, someone cries, someone takes out to the man a brain. You live with me, but in marriage do not offer. Why? What not so? All not so, girl. With you all not so.

guy running from marriege

Between to live with the woman and to marry her – a huge difference. Live – for convenience. Sex, homemade food, will also tide up. Great! Personally, I live with women of years with twenty. It is not necessary to look for every time the new partner, to stand at a plate, to erase, caress, vacuum. I give money, and you provide life. Ok? Well and it is excellent.

Another story – marriage. Men usually do it in three cases. The most widespread – demolished a tower. So fell in love that you want to be with it always. Also, it is ready to pay any price. Well, happens. Especially in youth. And still, you want from it children. The man – a strange being: he is ready to sleep with all (some even do it with each other), but there is a wish to have children only from some.

bride holds husband by the tie

Another pretty big reason why men avoid marriage is that laws are way more against them in case of divorce and it doesn’t matter who is guilty of divorce (usually the case is that both parties are guilty, but men are the ones blamed for everything). Usually the wife gets everything they have and man gets just peanuts. I think it’s pretty important and if you want to be fair – marriage agreement contract is the way to go to have both sides happy.

Important nuance: show him good live sex, ability to prepare, economy. Make sure that he will get sex as often as he wants. Generally, show him with the goal to reach good effect: estimate that I am able to do it. But – do not move in together. Test drive – and good-bye. You want to go further – blow in cash desk. Don’t you want? Go to the wood! It is strange that I write all this. It is strange that millions of women do not understand these simple things that depreciated themselves. Moreover they are surprised: what us is not bought. And why to buy if you are ready free of charge?

The second reason – the girl got knocked up. You not really saw in her your wife. But you are honest. Or parents press. Or she strongly cries and you are sorry. Well, circumstances. The third reason: it is time to settle down. These boozes, maids will last for one night already; here and an ulcer, eating with no drink, acquired. Generally, organized life, sex and a table is necessary. And here the most interesting begins. And someone to marry?

    If you are not married, but you already serve as the wife, then why the hell for him to marry you?

The man – if it not the complete nonentity – by the nature is a hunter who provides to his family. He perceives the woman as production. The most valuable production, clear, the woman constant – it is necessary to share a shelter and a table with her, to raise children. Production needs to be found and tired out. And if it goes to the hunter herself? Nonsense. Any high. If you is not married, but you already serve as the wife, then what the hell for to marry you? Here that that? For the sake of a stamp?

If you want the man to marry you, never live with him! First, respect yourself. Secondly, let him feel as the hunter, your protector and praise him for that. Every man want’s his lady to feel safe and he feels satisfaction by providing exactly this, it’s encoded in our DNA. To finalize this let me just say – let him want to make it official by himself! Period.